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Facts about your Rabbit

Published Friday 31 January 2014 by Heather Smith MVB, CertSAM, MRCVS

 Rabbits are sociable little animals and make great pets. They have a relatively long life span of 6-10 years and there are over 65 breeds. Rabbits do like to have a companion, however neutering of multiple groups is recommended to stop fighting or unwanted litters.

Rabbits can live outdoors- in a hutch raised from the ground to protect them from rodents and dampness. Also, they can be kept indoors and trained to use a litter tray. Diet is mainly complete pellet based, but rabbits should always have free access to hay or grass to prevent dental and...

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The internet and your pet

Published Thursday 16 January 2014 by Ian Millar BVMS, CertVOphthal, MRCVS

 The internet is a powerful tool and has brought amazing information and advice into your living room and in most cases the information is reliable. We can access information that finds us pets, clothing for them and all sorts of other things to buy.

It allows our owners to look up the detail of what their vet had touched on during their pet’s examination and remind the owner of some aspects of the problem being treated which they can forget during the distress and concern of the consultation.

There are websites that can give you the detail and...

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Summer is coming

Published Tuesday 12 February 2013 by Ian Millar BVMS, CertVOphthal, MRCVS

As we are coming into the warmer months, there is a greater need to be vigilant when out and about with your pet, especially when travelling. Cats do enjoy hot weather but are rarely out in the car, so it is dogs who are mainly at risk.

They must have plenty of air when travelling and should never be left in the car on a sunny day. Dogs are fatally at risk of overheating especially when the windows are closed. Water should be available at all times to prevent...

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Lung Worm

Published Tuesday 12 February 2013 by Ian Millar BVMS, CertVOphthal, MRCVS

We are more aware now that the parasitic worm Aurulostrongylus is causing more trouble than ever before. Our concern is that it causes respiratory symptoms, difficulty in clotting the blood and generalised malaise. It is more difficult to diagnose as it mimics other diseases we see but when we see these we actively check for the parasite that will usually be seen by microscopic examination of the faeces

The prevention is however simple by using a spot on product on the neck...

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Client Stories - Daisy

Published Sunday 1 March 2009 by Earlswood Staff

Hello, my name is Daisy, I'm now coming 2 years old and I want to tell you my amazing story.

I didn't have avery good start in life; as a puppy I was starved and abandoned veryearly on and was left outside to fend for myself. I had mange which made my hair fall out and my skin all sore.

I became so weak that one night I finally crawled into a doorway and lay down. It was there that someone found me and took me to the Veterinary Hospital. Everyone thought at the time that there was no hope for me but they decided to make me comfortable, put me on a drip, wrapped me up in warm bedclothes and...

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