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Client Stories - Daisy

Published Sunday 1 March 2009 by Earlswood Staff

I didn't have avery good start in life; as a puppy I was starved and abandoned veryearly on and was left outside to fend for myself. I had mange which made my hair fall out and my skin all sore.

I became so weak that one night I finally crawled into a doorway and lay down. It was there that someone found me and took me to the Veterinary Hospital. Everyone thought at the time that there was no hope for me but they decided to make me comfortable, put me on a drip, wrapped me up in warm bedclothes and let me sleep.

After a couple of days I managed to eat a little but my tummy had shrunk so much I wasn't able to eat properly. Eventually I started to gain weight and even managed to stand up with help. When I was able to stand on my own I went home with one of the nurses for a couple of days, just when we thought all was well I caught another virus, called parvo, it made me really, really sick. Once again everyone thought that I wasn't going to pull through but I got another chance to prove them wrong.

Once I was a little better, I went to live with my new mum, it's great. I get to play with my two sisters and wee brother. I get lots of treats and I can do whatever I want cause it's my very own home.

I can go to the park now and everybody is so nice to me, I just love being alive. I want to thank everyone at Earlswood for giving me a chance and helping me to get better, but most of all I want to say thank you to my new mum who just loves me lots. Please don't walk on past a wee one if it needs help, it could have been me.

Daisy xo



Andrea Hamilton

30 July 2009 12:57

This story would bring a tear to your eye!!! i have just got Piper home from Earlswood, his life was 'saved' by the brilliant staff. He swallowed a stick which done unbelievable internal damage and after our local vets in armagh said they couldnt do anything more with him he was quickly transferred to Earlswood. a long three weeks passed with a number of operations and a lot of treatment and TLC but he's getting back to his normal self. We're delighted he pulled through, it was touch and go for a while, and on his first walk back to our local park he dragged a huge stick from the hedge, dropped it at my feet and wagged his tail as if to say 'lets play catch'!! needless to say there will no more sticks thrown for Piper and i would strongly advise against any dog owner doing it. he has a new frisbee and a rope which is all he's allowed now! Thanks again to all the staff at Earlswood for caring for Piper so well, im sure you all miss him but we're just so glad to have him home.

patricia Fullerton

10 September 2011 03:31

Thank you all at Earlswood for taking care of this little babe:) Daisy is gorgeous. Patricia Fullerton

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