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Lung Worm

Published Tuesday 12 February 2013 by Ian Millar BVMS, CertVOphthal, MRCVS

We are more aware now that the parasitic worm Aurulostrongylus is causing more trouble than ever before. Our concern is that it causes respiratory symptoms, difficulty in clotting the blood and generalised malaise. It is more difficult to diagnose as it mimics other diseases we see but when we see these we actively check for the parasite that will usually be seen by microscopic examination of the faeces

The prevention is however simple by using a spot on product on the neck every month which is available across the counter here. Other routine oral wormers will also work well but you do need advice about which will and which will not be the most effective.  These worms will not affect humans.

Slugs and snails are the ones that transmit the disease by acting as an intermediate host, so it is as well to eliminate them as far as possible from the garden and keep toys indoors as they will contaminate them.  Being aware is half the battle. Please ask to speak to a nurse for more information. 


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