MRI Scan dates 2018MRI Scan dates 2018

Published on Friday 17 January 2014

MRI Scans are carried out on a Tuesday every two weeks on the following dates:-

 Tuesday 12th June 2018

 Tuesday 26th June 2018

Tuesday 10th July 2018

 Tuesday 24th July 2018

 Tuesday 7th August 2018

 Tuesday 21st August 2018

 Tuesday 4th September 2018

 Tuesday 18th September 2018

 Tuesday 2nd October 2018

 Tuesday 16th October 2018

 Tuesday 30th October 2018

 Tuesday 13th November 2018

 Tuesday 27th November 2018

Tuesday 11th December 2018

Please contact us for the next MRI date available over Christmas / New Year 2018/2019


All MRI cases must be referred by your own Vet who will need to complete and forward an Advanced Imaging MRI CT Request Form  and a clinical history to Earlswood and arrange an appointment for you to attend on one of the above days. CT Scans can be available on request by your Vet

Referral MRI or CT cases pay Earlswood Veterinary Hospital on collection of the animal. 


Should an Insurance claim form need to be completed, please bring it with you on the day and we shall send it for reimbursement directly to you


The CT or MRI Neurologists report is forwarded directly to the Owner's Vet usually within 7 to 10 days.