Hospital Refurbishment 2013 Hospital Refurbishment 2013

 If you have been aware of banging and dust, we have the builders in to refurbish the hospital step by step, and are starting where your pets are accommodated in the wards if they have to stay for treatment

Because the Hospital is working 24/7 with Vets Now in at night there is no quiet time to do this and the areas to be worked on have to be cloWard 3 Finished sed down

So far ward 3 for giant/large dogs has had a makeover and new glass fronted kennels put in and low maintenance surfaces applied.

Ward 2 for medium / small dogs had the same with all stainless steel kennels. Both now have air conditioning with automatic temperature controls. These were completed before Cristmas.

ThPrepartion room refurbishmente big one is now in progress. The Prep Room is the hub of the hospital. All traffic goes through here. Anaesthetic induction and recovery, examination of hospital animals, prepping for the theatre. It is an all action room and we decamped to another smaller room near reception to let the builders get on with it. Once this is completed we will move to the 'front of house' to refurbish the public face of the Hospital

The new Prep room will have more space for pets and people and be an easier place to work in. The animals recovering from anaesthetics will be in an extended room , closely observed as usual. There will also be a glass wall separating prep from the operating theatre door so that Orthopaedics have an area that has extra sterile security essential in the area of spinal surgery and the repair of fractures.

So it will not be long before the work in this area is finished and your pets all have more luxurious accommodation. If you wish to know more we are happy to talk to you and show you the changes. We will also be pleased to show you round the areas you would normally not see.

Hospital Refurbishment 2013