Routine Services Routine Services

Routine services offered by Earlswood Veterinary Hospital include the following:

  • Examination/Diagnosis
  • Worming
  • Flea Control
  • Feeding
  • Neutering
  • Microchipping
  • Behaviour/training

Puppy/kitten/rabbit vaccinations  -- Don't forget you must keep your vaccination protections up to date - all our clients will be sent reminders.

We can perform in-house blood tests and go on to x-ray and perform surgery, which can all be done with results obtained within hours and treatment completed within a day or two. For animals that require a prolonged recovery time, eg spinal surgery, we have comfortable kennels, specialised feeding, exercise areas and top level nursing.

Below is a sample of the specialised services we offer:


Blood samples can give a diagnosis within minutes with our in house laboratory. We can arrange for specialised tests in external labs which also give rapid results.

Dental Work

Many dogs suffer bad breath from lack of cleaning. We can sort out your pet's dental problems quickly and efficiently with our specialised equipment.

X-Rays and Scanning

From pneumonia to gut problems, from broken bones to pregnancy, our digital radiography department give rapid, same-day results. We contrast x-rays to diagnose neurological problems (myelography) and we are the only veterinary practice in Ireland to facilitate a specialist Neurology MRI Unit (VetMRI), in order to diagnose brain and spine injuries.


Surgery is performed when deemed necessary for the well being of your pet, and is performed safely with extreme care and efficiency. Anaesthetic agents and equipment are state of the art and this is backed up by our extremely skilled veterinary nurses. Besides their routine workload, the surgeons specialise in referral work. See the referrals section for more details. Post operative care is regarded as important as the operation itself, with patients monitored closely in our adjacent recovery room. We also believe in physiotherapy, as demonstrated with our hydrotherapy pool.

Pet passports

Our staff can give you a complete package of requirements to allow you to take your pet abroad. This requires a lot of paperwork, microchipping, a rabies vaccination and a blood test. Please contact us for more details. For more information on the pet travel scheme go to the DEFRA website.

Routine Services

We offer a range of routine services for your pet