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Earlswood Veterinary Hospital is a host for VetsNow, a specialist in the provision of out of hours veterinary care, to provide the best possible care for your pet at evenings and weekends.

VetsNow improve the standard of client and patient care provided out of hours, by employing staff who only work out of hours, and so are not expected to be at work both day and night as is usually the case in much of the veterinary profession.

The VetsNow night staff have all chosen to actively focus their career in emergency care and regularly attend CPD courses designed specifically for "the emergency vet and nurse".

Through this use of fresh staff, with a specific interest in emergency practice, it means the Earlswood Veterinary Hospital, as well as the majority of veterinary practices in the Greater Belfast area, can offer high quality out of hours patient and client care.

For more information on VetsNow please visit their website.


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