Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Referrals Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Referrals

Heather Smith oversees our internal medicine and diagnostic referrals. Heather graduated from University College Dublin with first class honours in 2003. She worked for two years as a mixed practitioner before joining the team in Earlswood in 2005. She was awarded the VSSCo educational bursary in 2010 to pursue studies in internal medicine, attending courses in both UK and Europe. She gained the RCVS Certificate in small animal medicine in the same year.

The medicine service accepts cases across all disciplines for investigation and management. Through our facilities at the hospital, our team are able to provide excellent 24 hour care for your patients. The availability of plasma and whole blood on site and our comprehensively equipped laboratory enable us to provide a high standard of care for critically ill patients, including those requiring monitoring of acid- base balance, blood gases, electrolytes (including ionised calcium) and coagulation profiles. With expertise in blood smear analysis and cytology we can reach a presumptive diagnosis rapidly while waiting for external laboratory confirmation. In addition we are able to support our colleagues by offering specific diagnostic procedures to help in their overall investigation.

These services include:

  • Flexible and rigid endoscopes for rhinoscopy and tracheo-bronchoscopy, imaging the gastrointestinal tract and cystoscopy (female medium and large breed dogs) Ultrasonography and ultrasound guided fine needle aspirate or trucut biopsy
  • Bone marrow biopsy
  • Contrast studies such as IVU, barium swallow Laparoscopy to include hepatic and other organ biopsy

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