Dear Colleague,


This brochure has been created to let you know of who does what in our practice and to tell you about the changes and improvements that have occurred in what we do here.


We appreciate the fact that you ring for advice and possibly send us referrals and would like to assure you of our best possible attention when you do contact us. If you cannot get speaking to the vet of choice at the time, it is hoped you will get speaking to one of our others vets for advice and any information exchanged will be passed on and the required vet will ensure you are contacted back as soon as possible.


It is important to us that we are running the right service for you whether it be in speed of communication, pricing, type of reporting (email as opposed to written reports or telephone) and of course results and success. We are conscious that your client needs all of this or it can reflect on yourself if they are not happy in their dealings with us.


Should there be dissatisfaction for your client at any stage of our dealings with them, we would encourage you to let us know.  At the end of the day we all win if a satisfied client goes away knowing that they have had value for money and all the answers they could get, even if the case could not be successfully treated.


At the moment we have ongoing improvements being made to the hospital. Recently our Ophthalmic Theatre was finished, we have refurbished all our wards and Prep room and improvements have been made to the Orthopaedic theatre. We are in planning for refurbishments to be made to the front of house, ensuring your clients and their pets are comfortable from start to finish.


Please feel free to drop in on us any time you are in the area, we would be delighted to show you around and if it is a Tuesday the MRI scanner may be here (alternate Tuesdays).


Many thanks for past support and our hope is that it will continue in the future. 




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