Neurology referrals Neurology referrals

Access to a fortnightly MRI service has broadened the range of neurological investigations that we are able to undertake. Accurate lesion localisation through neurological examination with myelography (cervical or lumbar puncture) or MRI is essential for the preoperative planning of neurosurgical procedures. We achieve consistently excellent outcomes following decompressive surgery for disc disease. A clinical audit of >160 consecutive clinical cases has shown success rates of >95% for grade 1-3 cervical and thoracolumbar disc disease cases and over 90% for grade 4 lesions (paraplegic, intact nociception). Post-operatively, our patients benefit from daily physiotherapy under the direction of our rehabilitation unit and 24 hour specialist nursing care for recumbent patients.

This service includes:

  • 24 hour availability for spinal emergency referrals or for advice
  • Compressive disc disease: Ventral slot, hemilaminectomy, mini hemilaminectomy or pediculectomy
  • Caudal cervical spondylomyelopathy: Ventral slot and/or distraction fusion Lumbosacral stenosis: Dorsal laminectomy and foraminotomy
  • Spinal trauma
  • Surgery for congenital vertebral canal stenosis, atlantoaxial instability, subarachnoid cyst, spinal meningioma resection
  • Seizure investigation and management
  • Screening for Chiari malformation and associated syringomyelia

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