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Our Rehabilitation Suite is overseen by Veterinary Surgeon, Siobhan Menzies BVM&S, LFHom(Vet), MRCVS. Siobhan has studied homeopathy in Glasgow, Bristol and Waterford. Further studies in acupuncture, physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation were completed at the Royal Vet College, the University of Tennesse and also with the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists.

Our rehabilitation suite was completed and opened in 2009 with Northern Ireland’s first and only Underwater Treadmill. Siobhan is available for appointments on Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday.

This service include:

Acupuncture - The use of very fine needles to stimulate nerves and the central nervous system to achieve pain relief and relaxation of muscle spasm. This ancient Eastern therapy is now understood scientifically and the World Health Organisation has produced a list of conditions which have been shown to respond to acupuncture. Acupuncture can assist in post surgical recovery. It is also suitable for pets suffering from such conditions as Arthritis, Injuries, Chronic Lameness, Paralysis/Paresis , Neurological cases, Back pain, Neck pain, Muscle Spasm, Lick Granulomas.

Pain management - In addition to advice on pharmaceuticals we use acupuncture, laser, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to achieve additional pain relief.

Physiotherapy - The use of physical therapies such as hot and cold therapy, massage, passive and active exercises to relieve pain, increase joint range of motion and improve strength and function.

Therapeutic laser - The use of light energy to reduce inflammation, achieve pain relief and promote healing.

Hydrotherapy/ Underwater treadmill - At Earlswood Rehabilitation Clinic we have Northern Ireland's first Underwater Treadmill which provides advanced hydrotherapy. This utilises the buoyancy of water to support your pets weight while allowing the muscles and joints to regain strength and range of motion without trauma .The benefits are pain relief, improved muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, reduced oedema and swelling and increased joint range of motion. Most painful orthopaedic problems will benefit from hydrotherapy.

HomeopathyAn in depth consultation with you and your animal helps to identify the homeopathic remedies appropriate. This therapy is particularly useful for chronic conditions and behaviour/ emotional problems.

Rehabilitation Services