This mobile MRI unit, based inside a 8 wheel articulated lorry, visits the hospital on a fortnightly basis. Previously reserved for human medicine, MRI scanning procedures are safe and highly effective methods of producing clear cross sectional images of the body.  This means that complex neurological and spinal injuries can be reliably diagnosed, and then be effectively treated. Veterinary Practices who have problem cases in this area can refer these to Earlswood for MRI.

 With over eight years' experience in developing mobile veterinary MRI scanning; Burgess Diagnostic's highly skilled team of radiographers, engineers and veterinary surgeons can provide all of your veterinary cross sectional imaging needs. Following MRI scanning the radiograph images are forwarded to Geoff Skerrit BVSc MIBiol CBIOL DipECVN FRCVS, RCVS for reporting. A full written report is forwarded to the client's own Veterinary Surgeon usually within one week.


 MRI Scan images