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Veterinary Surgeons, this section is for you to browse through the different services provided at Earlswood. Our team of Veterinary Surgeons are either certified or have decades of experience in their fields.

Why refer to Earlswood?

Terms & Conditions

When referring a patient we would ask you complete the appropriate referral request form, and forward it to us with the relevant clinical history. This can be emailed or faxed. This form is used during the initial referral consultation and for the prompt and accurate completion of your clients insurance claim on discharge.

Following discharge you will be forwarded a written detailed report, please advice on your referral form how you would like this to be sent. If you have any queries during the patient's treatment, we would encourage you to contact us and we can update you as required.  

If you have a difficult clinical case, we would also be more than happy to discuss with you alternative medical approaches or organise a referral to the hospital.

General Referral Form - please complete and forward with the relevant clinical history prior to the initial consultation.

MRI Referral Form - This form is required by Burgess Diagnostics prior to any scan taking place, and needs to be completed and clinical history attached.

Information for your client regarding the referral process      

    1.     Your client will need to provide a signed claim form and policy information on

            admission of the pet.


            Please note: Clients can usually log in and download claim forms from their

            insurer's website or they can be emailed.


    2.     EVH Vet will provide a written estimate of treatment costs.

    3.     Your client will need to contact their own insurance provider with the estimate



       a. confirm the referral from yourselves, (find out what they need to do for the insurance company to accept the referral)

       b. ensure referral treatment costs will be covered under their policy (Pre Auth if necessary)

       c. confirm remaining balance claimable for this condition

       d. authorise with the insurance provider that the hospital can contact them, if necessary, to discuss the ongoing claim (third party access to your client’s policy details)


     4.      All clients will be required to pay a deposit of £105 on completion of the referral consultation and/or prior to admission.


  5.      The full excess payment due on the policy is to be confirmed and

           must be settled on or before discharge. (some policies have additional

           percentage excess charges on top of the standard policy excess)

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